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At SMU, we place strong emphasis on developing our graduates to be global-ready citizens.

Through our various global exposure programmes, you will have opportunities to gain new perspectives on important societal and global issues, work in multi-cultural teams, and cultivate an appreciation of the interconnectedness of world communities.

Come explore the wide array of global opportunities at Study Abroad Fair 2024.

SAF Happenings

Emerging Opportunities in ASEAN, China and India (ACI)

Explore overseas learning opportunities in the ACI region to propel yourself into the drivers of Asian success.

Face-to-Face interaction

Interact with our overseas partners and current incoming overseas students to learn more about the programmes offered and discover insights into their home countries

SAF: All Abroad! Hunt

Take part in our ongoing hunt for the Boarding Passes to win attractive prizes worth up to $30! Hints can be found on our IG page at @sgsmu.geo.

City University, Global Focus

An education game changer, SMU models a unique approach to university education in Singapore. Its new way of teaching laid the foundation for SMU’s innovative education and research programmes. SMU today remains a forerunner in the tertiary education sector.